Blue Flower

Like I talked about in last article I am setting new goals and working hard to accomplish them whatever it takes. One of the first thing I started telling myself is that I will read more books on self development and actually begin working hard to accomplish my dreams this year, one of my goal is to kill my job and begin working for myself. I know this is possible the more I put out content out the more I can reach people.

Anyway when I began setting this goal something happened as if the universe was responding back to me because suddenly I got an offer for website building for a local limo company. I know I talked about using lansing limo services in this post. but I'm just not sure if this is coicidence or stroke of weird luck, I'm going to begin working with another limo company. Isn't that something.

Given my technological background he wants me to start making some websites for him and start getting his site more attractive which I am totally qualified to do. So now begin my working of researching everything there is to know about limousine business in Michigan and start doing the work. It will be spring before we know it and I want to get a head start on my competition, the more results I produce the better I am going to be in the long run. I really do need to get some solid research done so I can provide quality websites that look amazing.

I believe in order to make a website really stand out is to write something that's a bit off the wall, something edgy, something miraculous and awes inspiring. And what I mean by that is something that shocks the audience both young and wild. It will be some extra-ordinary content like a purple cow you stop and watch it. That is what I will be going for and my aim is to capture the attention of the audience this way. I will continue to report what I find out. But honestly I am up to my neck right now with commitments and and so I can only do the best I can do my reaching out and helping more people.

THis video has been helping me.

oh and I guess I should introduce my very first project

This is only in the beginning stages so not even close to being finished but I will share with you most recent development, and it should blow the socks off the competition. I just gotta say I love my limo company owner he is very good at answering calls and following up on the missed calls, so I really appreciate that. Anyway here is the site:

Talk to you soon