Blue Flower

As many of you know from my previous article, there is nothing more I love than having  a few drinks with my fellow gamers. Which brings me to my next article...

How to throw the raddest and baddest Christmas Lan Party of the YEAR!!

There are few things you need to prep for it.

  1. Ultra High Speed Internet Connection (100 megs per sec at minimum)
  2. Make nice spacious room, you may need to move some couches. Have Air condition
  3. Stock full of Gatorade and Energy Drinks
  4. Two TV's and console for variety of console to play on break, I recommend some classics like Super Smash Bros
  5. Have your friends bring computers, but you will need a large table ready to set them up and chairs
  6. another fridge with beers and liquor, more the merrier
  7. trash cans at various locations so people don't leave litter
  8. good lighting, bright lights suck, I great way to have some quality ambient lighting for cheap is Christmas lighting, and it goes perfectly with the theme and season

Look we can only take so much family time during the Holidays. Us gamers will get the gaming itch within 24-48 hours after Christmas morning, it is important to meet those needs and if you want to be the leader of your clan why not act like one in real life by throwing a bad ass Christmas Lan party. Your teammates will appreciate and its another great way to build team synergy!

Take one thing into consideration however, I recommend getting professional carpet cleaning right after the party as I have found that no matter how much you warn people they are bound to spill some drinks or whatever and get the carpet a bit dirty. I have found great carpet cleaning in my hometown of Sterling Heights and use them every time.

Let me tell you a quick story about last year's Lan party to give you some exciting ideas.

We were heavy into call of duty and wanted to get some serious Lan action during Christmas break, let's face it Michigan there is not that much stuff to do especially in the winter time. Instead of going out to the bars and blowing bunch of money we decided to get all our friends together for an epic night of Lanning!

I have a decent sized living room in my apartment with pretty good internet connection so we decided to do it at my place. Sadly my other friend has awesome pad but its his parents and they had bunch of family over for Christmas stuff.

We gathered at my house: me and 5 other team members. The set up took us a decent bit of time but having some helping hands def made the process fairly easy and painless. It was just a matter of moving a few couches, setting up Ethernet splits, setting up two large flat screen TV's both of which were brought over by my team members because I do not own a TV lol, and buying bunch of booze, the last team member brought Super Smash Bro melee and we believe that was the game changer. 

Playing COD for 5 hours straight I don't care if you are elite player like us you will get burned out. Having super smash there for break and stress relief made the Lanning so much more fun. We played this special drinking game as well where you take shots when you lose life below 30% life. Which meant that you had to do a finisher and our friend Ron was like a pro and punished us good.

All in all it was a blast, and the clean up was relatively painless just don't let your friends leave until they all put a hand in cleaning! getting pro carpet cleaning service was a big winner because after that my apartment looked cleaner than before.

So this is my idea for awesome Christmas Lan Party I might do this again this year or I may just wait for New Years and throw something rad then.

till next time.